Calm those nerves and let your shaky hands be still my junkie brothers and brotherettes. We got what you need; we got that good shit—that 100% pure blood and guts horror shit, so don’t fight the craving, embrace the craving. Embrace your horror love and get your weekly Friday fix, right here, on splatterjunkie.com.

This is more than just a horror movie review site, this is the bloodstained playground where splatter-junkies like you and I come to get high on the red, red kroovy and crack open thought-bombs like blood-filled Easter eggs. If you know what I mean. So if you’re hooked on horror and mayhem like we are, then come and join us normal, God-fearing junkies here at splatterjunkie.com and read some reviews, leave some comments, have a rude conversation with yourself, or just stare at the screen until our logo burns itself onto your retinas and then tell your friends that splatterjunkie.com made you do it…

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