Photo Phreak

This gallery is run by our friend, the Photo Phreak. Isn’t that right Photo Phreak?

Photo Phreak: Oh, yeessh…these are ALL my darlings, little biscuits for gnawing on. Here ish a fun tip: print out these photos and pin up the darlings all over the walls of your bedroom along with old newshpaper clippings and shelves holding unlabeled jars of liquid. Become furious when friends question you about it!



Kevin VanHentenryck and Belial at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014



A Vampirella cosplayer at TFW ’14



Tyler Mane, Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween, TFW ’13



Herman and Lily Munster at the San Antonio Monster-Con 2014



“Luscious”, one of the stars of the Brimstone Comics’ series Brimstone and the Borderhounds, seen here with a line of horror-themed spices. Monster-Con 2014.



Casey Crow, director and star of indie horror short, Klagger. Casey is preparing a feature-length version of Klagger and was raffling off speaking roles in the movie to fans. Monster-Con 2014.



Little Leatherface at Monster-Con 2014.


Billy the Puppet, from Saw, in balloon form. Monster-Con 2014.



The Creeper at Monster-Con 2014.



We caught up with our friend, 13 the spider, from Little Wickedz Graveyard. Monster-Con 2014.



Maleficent at Monster-Con 2014.


Splatter Junkie logo final copy

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