Introducing the Kill Graph!

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Info
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We here at have a new, exciting feature that we are adding to the SplatStats: the Kill Graph! The Kill Graph will be taking the place of the Kill Count number, although the Kill Count is still going to be tabulated as before, it is now brought to you in graph form.

With the new graph form, not only will you get the total Kill Count, you also see exactly where in the movie the kills occur, how much time passes in between kills, the rate at which the kill frequency increases, and the total movie running time. The horizontal arm of the graph (x-axis) represents the running time of the movie in minutes and the vertical arm of the graph (y-axis) represents the cumulative amount of kills (meaning the running tally of kills). To determine what the total Kill Count is, simply look at the last point on the graph and follow the line back to the number on the y-axis. For example, if the last point is on line 12 of the y-axis, then that means that there were a total of 12 kills throughout the movie.

This feature will be included in our upcoming review of Leprechaun in the Hood (coming soon) and will be added to our existing review of Dead Alive.

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