The Gore Quotient

The Gore Quotient (GQ) is an original invention, to be found nowhere else but here! It is a mathematical measure that tells you how bloody a movie is. This is accomplished through an in-depth procedure that allows us to determine the area (in square inches) of all the frames in a film. With this information, we are then able to determine what proportion of this screen area contains blood/gore. For example, the movie Dead Alive has a GQ of 1,927; that means that for every 10,000 square inches of measured screen area, 1,927 of those square inches were occupied by blood.


In the past, determining the bloodiness of a movie was totally dependent on the subjective opinions of individual reviewers, but with the Gore Quotient you know for sure. Not only that, but because the Gore Quotient operates on a ratio scale, it is possible to make comparisons between movies! For example, not only do we know that Dead Alive (GQ: 1,927) is bloodier than Leprechaun in the Hood (GQ: 246), we know that Dead Alive is approximately 7.83 times bloodier than Leprechaun in the Hood.


As we progress and add more movies to our review catalogue, we will even be able to calculate the average amount of blood among all horror movies. Once we have this data, we will be able to tell you how far above or below average a particular movie is, in terms of bloodiness. Until then, we will be using Dead Alive as our high-benchmark reference point.

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