The Weapon Inventory

The Weapon Inventory is simply a list of every weapon and weaponized item that was used in a given movie. The rule is that a weapon or weaponized item must actually have been used to inflict damage in the movie for it to be included in the list. So if a character pulls out a gun and shoots it into the air, that wouldn’t count.


We only count each unique type of weapon once. For example, if a character stabs someone with a butcher knife in one scene and then later stabs someone else with a different butcher knife in a later scene, that would only count once, since both knives were of the same type.


We will list a weapon with as much detail as we feel is necessary. For example, we will make a distinction between a butcher knife and a hunting knife. We do not distinguish between makes and models. For example, we will distinguish between a semi-auto pistol and a revolver, but not between a Beretta 92fs and a Glock 17—those would both be classified as semi-auto pistols.

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