Horror Movie Goodness: Expect It!

Posted: July 8, 2014 in News
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Hello, casual internet explorers, Pontifex Aureus here, alone for now, but expect that to change in the future as new commentators join our ranks here at splatterjunkie.com, or as we’re currently known as, splatterjunkie.wordpress.com. Expect that to change too (as soon as we get that $$). Expect to see movie reviews, videos, pictures, and all manner of horror movie goodness…eventually.

In the future, we’ll be posting every Friday, but in the next few weeks, you can expect to see me posting much more frequently as I attempt to flesh out this site a little. Within the next few days, me and my Crayolas will be done designing the official site logo, so expect to see that as well. I will also post our first movie review (no later than next week, I expect) which will include our soon-to-be trademark SplatStats; a feature for which I have great expectations. More on that later. Expect it.

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