Introducing SplatStats and the Gore Quotient!

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Info
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Greetings horror fiends, within the next few days, we here at will be posting our first movie review: Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive!! Our review will include a feature called SplatStats. The SplatStats track three kinds of horror movie statistics: Kill Count, Gore Quotient, and Weapon Inventory. The Kill Count is simply a tally of the total amount of kills in a movie and the Weapon Inventory is a list of all weapons used. The Gore Quotient is bit more complicated.

Basically, the Gore Quotient is a mathematical measure that tells you how bloody a movie is. This is accomplished through an in-depth procedure that allows us to determine the area (in square inches) of all the frames in a film. With this information, we are then able to determine what proportion of this screen area contains blood/gore. For example, the movie Dead Alive has a Gore Quotient of 1,927; that means that for every 10,000 square inches of measured screen area, 1,927 of those square inches were occupied by blood.

Dead Alive is well-known for being one of the goriest movies of all time, so it was specifically chosen to be the high benchmark against which all other movies compare. So if a movie gets a Gore Quotient of 964, you’ll know that it’s approximately half as bloody as Dead Alive. And that’s not opinion, that’s measurable fact.

Watch out for our review of Dead Alive, coming soon.

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