Rating System: The Blood Syringe and CC’s

Posted: July 19, 2014 in Info
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We here at splatterjunkie.com like to add our own visual flair to everything we do, so instead of boring, old stars to rate our movies, we have come up with the Blood Syringe. It’s basically the same as the 4-star rating system that you’re probably already familiar with, but instead of counting the number of stars, you count the amount of cc’s of blood that the syringe is filled with. For example, if the Blood Syringe is half-full, then that’s 2 cc’s of blood, which is the same as saying 2 stars. A completely full syringe would be 4 cc’s, which is the same as 4 stars (the highest rating). If you don’t feel like counting up the measurement marks on the syringe, don’t worry; the amount of cc’s is already spelled out for you right next to the syringe.

Be on the lookout for our review of Dead Alive, coming very, very soon.

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